3 Fast Emerging Trends in the Residential Units of Luxury Segment

3 Fast Emerging Trends in the Residential Units of Luxury Segment
The advent of new-age technologies has impacted all aspects of life. Most of these changes are positive and still the penetration of technology is on the go like never before. Apart from all other domains of human life, these technologies are also playing a key role in transforming the real estate scenario including the ‘luxury segment’ both in India and across the globe. Be it 4 BHK luxury apartments in Delhi or any ready to move in 5 BHK luxury penthouses, a premium standard of living backed not only by the best of amenities but also new-age engineering concepts is reflecting the opulence of the highest order. 
This blog attempts to explore some innovative trends emerging in the contemporary luxury real estate in India:

Smart Technology and the New-age Engineering Concepts

Smart home automation has not only comforted human lives but also taken the overall experience to the next level. Almost all the aspects of modern homes are getting interconnected and amenities are being controlled through remote control. Be it lighting, temperature control, or security, the control of everything is at the fingertips of residents. Every aspect of a home is enhanced through the cutting-edge solutions. Some of them include the following:
  • The power of IoT
  • Voice first technology
  • Face recognition technology
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Virtual Reality (VR), and
  • Smart Meters, etc. 

Here are some of the functional highlights of technology-rich modern homes:

  • Homeowners can control a large number of functionalities through remote control, be it doors, windows, curtains, and even the entrance of the garage
  • Smart home appliances alerting homeowners about expired food, ice build-up in the refrigerators
  • Fully automated plant-watering devices
  • Round-the-clock automated security alerts.
Over the past 10 years, the demand for smart or technology-powered homes has gone to a new high. Buyers’ expectations are also witnessing a sea change. The homebuyers who are internationally traveled and well-informed about the latest trends are looking for smart homes powered by the latest technologies. Well-treated with modern technology, some of the top 4 BHK luxury apartments in Delhi are featuring the following digital home solutions:
  • State-of-the-art smart living experiences
  • Voice and touch-enabled automated settings
  • Bio-metric authorization at the entry
  • Video door phone
  • Automated smart mood lighting
  • Intelligent air conditioners, TVs and other appliances
  • Smoke and gas leak sensors in the kitchen
  • Wi-Fi router with the panic button
  • Smart glass in the kitchen
  • Voice command controlling device in living room
  • Safety and privacy doors and windows, and much more.

Green Building Concepts

The green building concept is one of the most talked-about aspects associated with both residential and commercial structures these days. And, homebuyers are falling for this concept very much. The green building concept is all about using natural resources such as light, wind, and earth to the maximum and significantly reducing the carbon footprint. One of the most prominent benefits of the green building concept is that it substantially reduces the heating and cooling requirements of both commercial and residential buildings.   
It has now become an industry standard to adhere to the green building concepts while constructing a home. Given below are some of the major highlights of homes built with the concept of green building:
  • The arrangement of the appropriate use of the solar power through solar panels in the roof
  • Use of environment-friendly materials to the maximum
  • Reduced dependency on the power grid
  • Maximum measures to protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprints
  • Energy-efficient installations right from bulbs and fans to heating and cooling systems
  • Better integration of devices for better air purification and lightening
  • Best thermostat control with greenhouse monitoring systems
  • Humidity control sensors
  • Rainwater harvesting, and
  • Green management practices, etc. 

Health and wellbeing amenities

When it comes to buying ready to move in 5 BHK luxury penthouses in Delhi, health and wellbeing are dominating the thoughts of homebuyers like never before. As a result, the real estate developers in the national capital are also working with a different approach in the luxury residential units they are building. Top developers of residential apartment buildings in the national capital are convinced that buyers of the luxury segment will value all the amenities associated with health and wellbeing. Some of the most desired and requested health and wellbeing amenities include the following:
  • High-quality air filtration
  • Plentiful plants
  • Maximum natural light
  • Central staircases built to promote physical activities
  • Community eating areas to promote greater social cohesion
  • Gym and roof garden or outdoor space.


The pace of life has seen an unexpected shift in the past 2 decades. As a result, various new trends have come into existence. These new trends are far beyond just conventional workouts. Peace of mind has occupied the central seat pushing all other things behind. Homebuyers are looking for cool, calm, and serene outer spaces for meditation and allied physical activities. On the bigger canvas, they are yarning for places of the sanctuary so that they can pursue their passion. Some of such places include the following:
  • Tranquility pools
  • Wellness spa
  • Yoga rooms
  • Meditation centers, and
  • The new-age urban escapes.


After all, peace of mind is what determines one’s health and wellbeing. So, the developers of new-age residential buildings in and around the national capital are considering all these facts.

The Closing Comments   

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